Introducing Climateverse

Unlocking the Power of Generative AI & Public Data for Improved Climate Action

Developed by researchers at Harvard, the platform streamlines data collection and analysis, offering insights for impactful climate solutions.

About Climateverse

South Asia is one of the regions most affected by climate change challenges, and with a population of more than 2 million, developing evidence-based policy and humanitarian responses is increasingly urgent. Climateverse was designed to address local challenges in data procurement, processing, and analysis to construct a regional data-ecosystem, partnering with local governments and organizations to provide tools for reducing climate impacts and protecting communities.

This project is made possible by generous funding provided by the Office of the Vice Provost for Climate and Sustainability at Harvard University, under the Climate Change Solutions Fund.

A joint project between CrisisReady and the Lakshmi Mittal and Family South Asia Institute at Harvard University.

Our Approach


Stakeholder Input

We consult with stakeholders across government, academia, and the private sector to identify domestic gaps, challenges, and opportunities in availability, access, and usage of climate-related data.


Data Sources

We collect climate-related data from local, regional, and international sources.



Data are tagged with features most useful for researchers and analysts to find and use the correct sources.


Intuitive AI Interface

Our approachable AI chatbot performs all searches and provides guidance on the use of each data source, allowing easy application across use cases and technical skill levels.



Many of the data sources will be standardized to integrate seamlessly with others.


Uncertainty and Limitations

Uncertainty, error rates, and the limitations of each dataset will also be reported to ensure appropriate usage.

Watch a Demo of the Tool

ReadyMapper Decision Support Tool

A versatile tool to improve emergency response by collating data on mobility, demographics, and health infrastructure during disasters.

About the Tool

ReadyMapper is a digital tool that collates disparate data needed for disaster response in one place, making it easier and faster for emergency response teams to coordinate and deliver aid where it’s needed most.

This tool provides a comprehensive suite of functionalities for disaster management, allowing users to focus on specific areas, assess community vulnerabilities, analyze population movements, and evaluate healthcare capacities.

Key uses include:

  • Selecting and detailing geographical areas of interest.
  • Collecting and viewing community vulnerability data, such as power outages.
  • Analyzing population movement with a dynamic map.
  • Assessing infrastructure and healthcare facility capacities.
  • Creating and sharing customized reports.
  • Accessing historical disaster data for improved preparedness.
Data Exploration:
Heat Exposure + Agricultural Labor
Analysis and Uncertainty:
Spatial Smoothing of Sensor Readings

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